Dog Ripped to Shreds in Front of Wife and Baby

My wife just knocked on the door to my home office here and cracked the door.

“Honey, a dog was just hit by a car out front… can you come and do something?”

I got up and went down to see it – my wife was walking our baby right there on the road when 2 dogs were chasing each other, playing grab-ass or whatever dogs play, and the black dog must have been lost in oblivion and ran right under the wheels of a passing (speeding as usual) car. We had a dog hit two nights ago that died instantly.

I heard a yelp just before I looked around the garage to the street to see, what was once black dog, ripped wide open from shoulder to tail and all the innards exposed. It wasn’t moving. It would pass in minutes, there was nothing I could do – and nothing I wanted to do. I don’t believe in keeping animals, or people, alive longer than they’re going to live really. If it’s something that can be knocked out easily – like a staph infection or something – yeah, I’ll take medicine for it. If I’m diagnosed with brain cancer – don’t bother with the heroics… just let me die as painlessly as possible.

This dog’s day was TODAY and it’s sad to me (but life) that my wife and daughter had to see it.

Thanks god for the seemingly random chaos that ensues with accidents on earth. Scaffolding broke, killing two guys in Bangkok a week back. Two nights ago a dog was hit by a car in the exact same spot as this dog. This dog today was ripped wide open and no doubt had severe internal injuries, spinal cord farked, and who knows what else.

Thanks god for the ridiculous way you set everything up here.

The book I am writing about your heinous ways is called,

“The Givens”.

I’m still writing “Kicking Life’s Ass!” and that will be another few days. Then I’ll get back into writing The Givens. The outline is 80% done. Just need to finalize a few branches of it

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Gravity – Part of God’s Great Plan

I haven’t heard any one but myself gripe about this.

Gravity. It’s kicking our ass from the time we’re born – and it never lets up. Gravity is inescapable.

It’s not just that we have gravity. In this current setup it’s nice to have some. We all stay more or less on the same plane – separated by hills, floors of buildings, or airplanes and helicopters. Everything sticks to the ground so we don’t have to fly around looking for it all the time. If we put something down – it’s there when we go look for it – not 760 feet vertically about the house.

So in some sense – gravity works.

Now, whatever idiot implemented gravity in it’s current form here on earth – well, is an idiot.

I weight 176 lbs. That’s 175 lbs more than I need to weigh in order to stick to the ground.

Why in the HELL do we all weigh so much?

Weighing so much makes us work VERY hard and eat VERY MUCH of the world’s VERY SCARCE resources.

If I weighed 1 lb, in order to move myself around the entire day I might use 50 calories. Maybe less. I could eat 50 calories in a few celery sticks. Bang – done with caloric needs for the day. Pop a vitamin to get the vitamins the body needs and I’m good to go.

Water is one of the heaviest things on earth. Heavier than all gases. Heavier than many solids. Heavier than many liquids.

Why in the HELL are we filled with water-based blood?

Who made this up? This is a horrorshow once you start looking at it.

Am I off-base here? Has anyone thought of this stuff before? Don’t say you have – I Googled it and nobody is talking about it but me and Mike Fook.

There is a place in hell for me and my friends… Morrissey

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Who or What Started this World? – Poll – Please Vote

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The Givens

Fiction writer Mike Fook mentioned coming out with a book about the evidence all around us for God or Aliens – and letting us decide. It’s to be called “The Givens”.

The Givens are all that we see around us – all the evidence that, added up, equals God or something else that began this entire mess.

Did God create this world or, is it entirely possible that 2 alien kids in science class got third place with the creation of the universe we know – as an experiment?

To me – anything is plausible because nothing at all is known.

However, if we look around we can see a couple million messages about the creator or starter of this Universe – they’re everywhere.

The water, gravity, gunpowder, animals eating animals, people eating animals and killing fruits and vegetables,  plants of all kinds to survive… the messages are all over this place and few have really looked at them with an open mind.

Mike Fook aims to do that with the new book…

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I’m Thankful and Spiteful this Thanksgiving

Thankful to something – whatever made this mess – there are a few good things in the mess in my life. Probably some in yours too. Probably everyone that stays living and doesn’t kill themselves thinks there is something ‘good’ in their lives and worth living for. Or, they’re afraid to do it.

Spiteful for how farked the entire planet is… the rules of the game were farked from day 1. It’s like God’s reality show – he doesn’t stick his nose in it because it smells too badly and he’d really be blamed.

Imagine if he came back now how many people would kick his ass? You JACKASS – what are you doing here on earth? Get off your lazy ass and do something down here. You’re either the savior or the cause of this mess – what the hell are you? Choose a side and get off the fence!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours…


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Stay Tuned for My New Book: God is an A&&hole

Seriously, I’ve been working on it the past couple of months. It’s amazing reading. I’ve poured my heart, soul, mind and all my energy into this amazing book.

It will likely be a FREE e-book so I can have mass distribution.

God bless,


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It’s a Farked Life! I believe it too…

I just found a blog that seems to be what I’ve been looking for…

It’s a Farked Life!

“And on the 8th day god said, “You’re ALL FARKED!”

ha! I like that for some reason.

God has stopped talking to me and I’m playing the same game – I’m not talking either. What’s the point? We’ve got a few million people that believe talking to god is getting them somewhere – or they have hope that it will. I don’t have that hope. It’s over, finished, through with. God doesn’t talk or listen I don’t think…

This blog has been changed to “” – some of the old articles appear to have been copied over to the new fook blog. Some got lost in the move.

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