Why Doesn’t God Hear My Prayers?

A major theme not only in Christianity itself, but across religions is, “Why Doesn’t God Hear My Prayers?”

Many times I hear this question from people asking me or from the news or at church groups or whatnot. It’s quite a popular complaint of people. They pray and pray and pray and pray and pray and are wondering to themselves,

“Does God even hear what I’m saying?”


“Why doesn’t god hear my prayers?”

I struggled with this for many years… wondering what
was happening myself. Did God hear me? Did it care about my prayers? Did God know my problems?

Forget my problems, did God know how the state of the world is entirely screwed up?

I asked myself these questions daily – and never stopped praying earnestly – like my life depended on it, like my SOUL depended on it… and eventually the answers started flowing…

“Yes Jerry, I hear you…”

“I’m making iself known to you…” Iself is what God calls
itself. I asked once, “why not ‘myself’ and God said…

“I am not MYself Jerry, because I don’t own myself.

I am for you and the rest of the believers in me. I am here for you as you’ve been there for me – doing my work with the other of my children…”

So, ‘iSelf’ is just a way God refers to it…

I didn’t ask anymore… occasionally I can sense a little aggravation in the voice of God and I back off. Too many questions at once is not so good an approach.
I like to ask a question and then listen usually. God likes to talk – so usually I listen. It’s respectful that way.

I have to take God’s side for a minute… do you think that your prayers deserve to be heard? You know what I’m saying… do you really have a pure heart and intention when you ask that your prayers be answered?

Are you asking for God to help you lose some weight while there are starving people all over the world that could use the extra food you’re overeating with?

If you had to ask yourself – “What is a better way to lose weight?” One way might be that you could eat smaller meals and send the money you save to
help kids being forced to eat bugs and handfuls of rice donation handouts.

Do you see what I’m saying? I’m not trying to be too upfront, but I think sometimes being upfront is ok. Maybe I ate too much one time too – that’s ok,
but, the next time I think about children with swollen bellies and dying for food… and I think God shrinks my stomach a little bit.

In the bible was said something regarding not needing to eat – because God is the bread and the drink and that we could live off his words. I believe that. If
you believe it, you too could find peace. At least if you believe what he said.

Do you believe it?

And so – there are many things that we ask God for. Some are worthy of his listening to and some are not. Some are selfishly prayed in the hopes
that you’ll get something special from him. A gift.

We always want the gift, but we don’t always want to GIVE a gift.

GIVE God a gift and yourself a gift by asking yourself before you pray if, by praying for something, you are of a pure heart… of an unbridled consciousness… and if that is the truth. The God’s honest truth then maybe
it’ll listen… and maybe he won’t… nobody really knows the workings of God’s mind.

If you want to pray about something that will help a lot more people than yourself, pray for sustained rain to fall across the drought-devastated East Africa’s Horn region. If rain doesn’t fall, crops don’t grow.

God said, “If you spend more time before you pray thinking about what it is you really want… you’ll come up with something better to pray about 4 out of 5 times.”

I don’t think that he’s saying that those of us that are on the internet with our free time are wasting his time, just that if we question a bit before we pray we’ll learn more about ourselves and why we’re asking for something trivial while others don’t even have the basic necessities of life.

Interesting facts about Hunger > Millions of Mouths Blog

God bless…

Jerry πŸ™‚

PS: What about you – any ideas why God doesn’t hear your prayers? Or, if you think he hears them – why doesn’t he answer them?


About Jerry

Mississippi born and raised. I've studied many religions and read the bible through a couple of times. I have a fervent need to share GOD's message since it made itself known to me. This blog is to reveal God's word and daily messages I get from God my savior. NOTE: Well it was for that anyway...
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70 Responses to Why Doesn’t God Hear My Prayers?

  1. Friendlypig says:

    Jerry: Did you sacrifice the goat? You’ve got to sacrifice a goat to get god to listen.

    Genesis Ch8 20 And Noah builded an altar unto the LORD; and took of every clean beast, and of every clean fowl, and offered burnt offerings on the altar. 21 And the LORD smelled a sweet savour; and the LORD said in his heart, I will not again curse the ground any more for man’s sake; for the imagination of man’s heart is evil from his youth; neither will I again smite any more every thing living, as I have done.

    If you sacrifice the goat he’ll do anything that you ask.

    Of course, I could be wrong!

  2. Loraine Quirino says:

    Dear Jerry,
    Thank you very much, what you said REALLY means alot to me. It has also helped me alot,because every night i pray and i always wonder if he listens to me. But now you have given me the answer i have been looking for.

    Thank you very much. I dont know if theres any other way to say it but thank you from the bottom of my heart! It really means alot to me that i know if I ever have a problem I can talk to you.

    Loraine Quirino God Bless you

  3. Andrea says:

    Jerry, I have been praying, and have been truly faithful to God. Yet I continue to suffer, suffering to the point where I have considered suicide. I dont pray for things that are material or small. I pray for food to eat, a roof over my head, basic neccessities. Yes I have a roof over my head right now, but I do not always have food to eat, and sometime my children go to school hungry. I have suffered my entire life, I was sexually, physically emotionally abused as a child and youth. Those people who committed those crimes walk free, and live good lives both financially and emotionally. Yet I went to college got an education and ended up with mental health issues because of the way I was treated as a child. Therefore God ignores me and gives to them? How does that make any sense Jerry? How is it that for 37 years I have suffered a life of torment and misery, but pray, have faith and forgive those that have wronged me and I get nothing but abject poverty and mental illness. How is that fair Jerry?

    • Anonymous says:

      You could be like Job in the bible my sister. i know its hard for you.
      Im suffering too.. God has His plans, Plans to prosper not to harm you. You may start bitter in life but end well. God says its better to End well than to start well early. If u see thinks from Godly persective you will see it differently. His Way are higher than human, just like how i can nvr explain to my dog about carwashing when they kept barking in the car. Its like us. God is tons smarter and far sighted than us. He is moulding you.

  4. Ademar says:

    Andrea. Your words made me sad. I had the same experience when I was young. My father had passed away and my mom had no choice but to leave me with my grandmother where my cousin messed up my life. I still can’t forget what he did. I have a daughter now and I just want her to have an innocent life. I want it to not be difficult for her to go to heaven so I’m avoiding committing any mistakes my parents made and even things I see on TV which I think would be awful. As for God… I do believe in him but I also believe that he will not answer any prayers for the time being. He hasn’t talked to anyone directly since biblical days. I know that the second coming of Christ is near. I can feel it. That’s all I’m waiting for. Just stay strong. Even though it’s hard try to be a good person try to maintain a good heart. Once he comes, abuses, hunger, depression and every horrible thing that can happen to humans, either physical or emotional, will be a thing of the past. We won’t care about the bad stuff that happened to us. We just have to hang in there.

  5. Cathy says:

    Dear Andrea,

    I have just come across your post. I am here seaching for answers too. I have been faithful to God, I have given Him, my Heart, My Soul, My life, My all…Lately He has made opportunities to serve Him by being in Youth Ministry which is miracle as I am a totally broken single mum with two boys one has Aspergers and if God had just given me this as a Cross to bear it would have been hard, but He has taken everything away, I have no husband, I have just come out of a second relationship with a Christian man that I believed would be my husband but he has now left me and I am devestated, my ex husband abused me mentally to the point that on many occasion I considered ending my life to so I did not have suffer anymore. I have only a brother here. I had prayed that my parents could be with me they live overseas and God brought them over here and was overjoyed, but it only lasted two years and my dad decided he wanted to go back. I am so incredibly lonely I have friends but they all have their lives. When my marriage ended I was given a large amount of money and bought a business that I prayed about and sought professional council about this was meant to give me and my children a hope and future, but the people I bought the business took all my money and I was left in severe poverty I also did not have money to feed my children. Things are a little better, as I have a job but it does not pay that much and in spite of working very hard I often cant make ends meet. I am so tried of having the landlord threatening to throw me out..of having the power company cutting off power and the phone company cutting off the phone…I guess slowly its getting a bit better, but still am not sure Why God is so silent when I need him most and cry and pray through the night that the power will not be cut off and really believe that a miracle will happen, but it doesnt and I sit in the darkness wondering where He is?

    I am hanging on the tiny bit of faith I have left and am continuing in Youth Ministry but really hope and pray that he will restore all I have lost as He has promised and this is my prayer for you too that He will come throught for you too….just as He promised in His word..Stay Strong:-)

  6. Anonymous says:

    Ive read all of your stories and it touches me alot. Im n a situation ta where i feel lik god doesnt hear my prayer at times. I thought bt killn myself bt daTs only gn mak it worse. Im tryn hard ta believe n god. Please pray for me!

  7. beni says:

    am tired of prayin coz i think neva hears me…………. i dont know

  8. beni says:

    i think its a waste of tyme
    i wish he would tell me that he hears me n that i shouldn’t continue sinning to get money

  9. frank says:

    beni I dont know either.I dont know if anything matters except love and not hurting any one.Is god somthing we as humans made up with all these holy books from different religions.Are we so arogent as to think we live on after death,yet when an animal dies we say its just dead.Do we say this to justify ourselves as being the top of the food chain on this planet?I dont know.This god has never answered my prayers.I go on in this world loving my wife,where we live and what we do.We struggle and we pray and nothing happens.Hey if you are really there and hear this little speck of a human from one of billions of planets that probably has life on it as well.If you are all knowing then you know me and my sencerity of my prayers.If you know my needs than help me.Are you an active or passive god.Are you there.
    Folks out there please dont send me any the bible says this mumbo jumbo bla bla bla.
    If your there please help.
    If not then your not and life and death are just that and no more or less.

  10. Jo says:

    I hate to say this, but most people pray for very important things. My boyfriend was brutally raped by both his parents till the age of 7 and he prayed every night for help. No one helped him. He’s now has major mental problems including seizures because of what his parents did to him. I’m sorry, but I have prayed many times over for God to help him. God doesn’t listen. Those people who hurt him got off free. His grandparent took him in but when they died his family abandoned him and he became homeless causing further mental damage. He was forced into a foster care and there they further abused him. He use to be religious, but the things he has to deal with on a daily basis. What do i tell him when I pray too and he still hurts. Even highly educated therapists say they can’t help him. God doesn’t always help, God doesn’t always here and God doesn’t always care. This is coming from a Christian. I have litterly cried my self to sleep at night hoping God hears me because this he needs God’s help more then any one I know. I’m sorry but I can’t stand people who say pray for people in other countries when people suffer here every day. My boy friend was tortured he has post traumatic stress syndrome form what his mother did alone. Where is GOD. WHY did he let a child suffer so?

    • Jerry says:

      For me – this is where my faith goes out the window. Some of us have amazing lives. I’ve had a good life. I’ve had a great life compared to many other people. Your boyfriend went through hell on Earth. You think he needs to be considering what happens after death? Nope. I don’t. I think he’s had his hell – he’s had worse than hell and he need not fear the future… it gets better for him. It’s got to. Otherwise – what is the point of all this? To me – hell is right here – we’re living it. It is a horrible thing for many people to deal with – this life. For others – like me, maybe like you – it has been bearable and we’re able to have days, weeks, months at a time spending it in happiness and helping others. For your boyfriend he’s lucky to have an hour of peace of mind.

      God has no answers… because he isn’t responding in a way that any of us can objectively feel or know. What good is he then? No point in believing in one if you can’t 1. affect him in someway. 2. Know you’ve affected him. 3. Know he has some power to do something. Right now he’s powerless to do anything – or just doesn’t care to – neither is a comforting thought. Or maybe it is. He’s not screwing it all up anymore either then… it’s all kind of running on auto-pilot…

      Thanks for writing Jo – amazing comment – very appreciative that you wrote it. πŸ™‚ Jerry

    • It hurts me to read this, it is so sad. I want u to buy olive oil and pray over it. Pray over all the things u want removed from your boyfriend. The pain, the hurt, the damage, rebuke Satan and all his ways. U see Satan is the one who harms us, not God. God is a loving healing God. Yes, your boyfriend went through this pain, but God spared his life and gave you to him. You can love him like he has never been loved. When you are done praying over the oil, you anoint your hands, ask God to use your hands to annoint and cleanse your boyfriend. Annoint him from head to feet, ask God to remove his pain and replace it with a inner peace, He must help others that have been through similar situations. He is a living testimony. He can help so many others and himself in the process. Pray with him, as u believe,so shall it be. Together u can help him heal, through prayers together u will grow stronger, nothing happens overnight, baby steps, u will get there. God bless you.

      • Please most importantly he has to forgive his parents so that he can move on. If he doesn’t forgive them he will not heal. Do not allow them to hurt him anymore by hating them. They are still in control if he can’t forgive them. He must forgive and set them free. This way he will also be free, he can start fresh. Become whole again. God bless.

  11. zoey star says:

    I HAVE BEGGED AND BEGGED!!!! plz lord help me take away this pain i know i have done this to myself but im sorry i really am i dont want to live another day like this , i hear nothing everyday i fight suicide… every pray i make i lose abit more faith from now anwser.

    • Jerry says:

      Hi Zoey Star, not sure you’ll see this as I missed responding to your comment – so sorry… I have this point of view on that…

      1. You did something to yourself… but, there was a WHOLE lot outside your control. Maybe other people were involved. Almost always there are things outside your control that influence the way something happens. If you’re addicted to drugs – maybe your parents did them. Maybe your neighbors. Maybe your friends. Maybe you grew up in a bad area? Are you responsible for those things? Are you able to be strong enough to resist any urge? Nahhh, nobody is strong enough to resist all urges. Look at Jimmy Swagart and priests that molest kids… If they’re not strong enough – who the hell is?

      So – don’t blame yourself for everything. Circumstances around you often contribute MUCH more to the situation than you do.

      But, who can pull you out of it? Only you.

    • Please do not stop praying, sometimes though prayers are not enough. You see God does not harm us, Satan does. U should start rebuking Satan and his works and ways. Pray with your children. Buy olive oil, pray over it, everything that you wish for anoint your hands. Anoint your children, (sign of the cross on their heads) and their feet. Every morning, every evening, anoint yourself too. Continue praying, rebuke Satan, do not allow him to take control of your life ever again, you take control. Put God first and u will see the change. God bless you.

  12. Chelsea says:

    And how are we to refrain from becoming bitter towards God when it seems it takes Him FOREVER to respond? All I want to do is live the plan He has for my life and I can’t really do that if no plan of action is given to me. You can say the bible is my manual in the mean time. “Wait on the Lord…Have faith…,” and all other phrases that pertain to God doing everything in his own time get old. It’s human nature to feel neglected if someone isn’t answering your cry – even in the midst of all the other blessings – or maybe that’s just me. If a child asks for his mom to come to his soccer game and she never makes it because she’s at her second job to make sure the bills get paid, that child will still feel hurt until he can comprehend the value in her absence. So maybe I answered my own question – maybe there is no way to aviod such feelings – on must simply wait for God to take his sweet time to answer, and then only then will I understand why it took him forever and a day to speak to me…Before you preach at me, (I’m a pk), I’ve already heard the “maybe you aren’t listening” speech. Well I have…I continously help others in everyway I can. I pay my tithes and offering faithfully. I pray – and I am slowly feeling no need to pray them anymore…almost like there is no hope. No need in having faith that won’t manifest itself – right. Saves you disappointment and confusion. You learn to blame reality and the flow of life, rather than God, who seems sometimes like he’s gonna remain silent.

    • Jerry says:

      Hi Chelsea,

      I can’t refrain from becoming bitter towards god – and don’t see a point in it either! lol. Someone told you god had a plan for your life? Who was it? Go find that person because God never said – “I have a plan for Chelsea’s life.” Someone made that up and told you that… so, hold them accountable. WHAT is the plan?

      You say – it’s human nature to feel neglected if someone isn’t answering your cry…

      YES! Exactly… human nature seems to go against everything faith wants us to believe. Faith is a fantasy…

      Maybe you aren’t listening! hahah – yeah, it’s your fault god isn’t communicating with you like all your christian friends said he would – right?

      You say “you learn to blame reality and the flow of life, rather than god, who seems sometimes like he’s gonna remain silent.”

      I blame god. Who made reality? Who made life flow? Silence doesn’t cut it and someone needs to step up to the plate and take a swing at something because the crap is flying willy nilly down here. God made this place, all that is in it – all of what we call ‘human nature’ – is from god… whatever we are capable of – is from god – yes?

      Well, god is doing a real bang up job on this planet… hope he’s not out farking up the cosmos too…

  13. Nina says:

    I feel that your comment about obese people asking God to “shrink their stomachs” really makes me feel confused. TO put the starvation and problems of Africa on the shoulders of some obese person who is praying precisely because they feel they have lost control over their eating seems very harsh to me. Certainly its an interesting lesson but there is so much guilt and shame in our country and from what you say God wants us to be more ashamed?

    I think a better way to put this would be that God is not a pez dispenser like many false churches make him out to be. He is the Ultimate “King” for the lack of a better word and we should really keep this in mind when speaking to him. It has changed my prayer life and “shut me up” quite more than usual. But I still long for a God that is gentle and understands the reasons why someone would need to turn to him for the suffering obesity causes real people. Doesn’t the Bible say no problem is too big or too small? Or is this me remembering the “HallMark Card” moments of many gospel songs?

    Tonight, I will think of a great way to pray for obese people. Psychological tests who, people are more giving with themselves when they feel safe and happy and obviously someone who is obese or addicted to food has some suffering that I don’t take lightly.

    I do agree with going deeper and remembering who you are talking to will help you do that, but you using obese people as a target, did God tell you to do that? I know it is an addiction that hinders people and causes suffering.

  14. JOHN says:


    • Jerry says:

      Hi John,

      There is nobody that wants to believe god is listening – worse than me. Nobody. Well, now there’s you and you probably want to believe it pretty bad as well. Ok, besides you and I there is NOBODY that wants to believe God is there with his ear pointed our way.

      Reality tells me – God either – isn’t doing it, or, is doing it – but isn’t doing anything about it.

      Prayer for my Grandma with a rare bone cancer that caused her to crack ribs, and her hip as she lay in bed did nothing for her – and she spent her last 6 years in agony trying not to move the wrong way and break her brittle bones. Where was God’s ear as I pleaded with him to wake the hell up? I don’t know. As I said, he’s either listening and doesn’t give a spit, or isn’t even listening… and one could ass-u-me that he doesn’t give a spit in that scenario either.

      It’s time someone held god accountable John. And, since your name is all over the bible – why shouldn’t it be you?

      Give god the grief – and see where it gets you.

      Give god the praise and see where it gets you.

      Same place. You’re here like everyone else – affected by probability of cancer growing in your head, high blood pressure, or whatever else your symptoms belie.

      Unaffected by the absent god that lets all this mess carry on with no end in sight.

      Life is a strange beast John. I want the tightness in your head to go away. Unfortunately if god on earth (your doctor) can’t fix it – there’s nobody that can. Life is short – and it’s best to enjoy the sweet of it while you can.

      Cheers man. Jerry

  15. ashwati says:

    hi!!!!! m a bit confused!!

  16. ashwati says:

    hii jerry!!!! actually m not a christian basically but i still beleive in jesus christ.. being a hindu i have my faith in many other gods of my religion…. i dont tell that god doesnt exist. I know he does but sometimes i feel so that he isnt listening to me!!!! Miracles have happened to me also in an unexpected way as in one of my friend who is a strong beleiver in god asked me to speak a prayer for 100 times.. the prayer is that u can speak it altogether for 100 times or either u can speak it once a day like that completing it for 100 times.. its a long prayer so the former one would have been difficult for me and i chose tha latter one… i used to beleive in it so strongly that i cant explain and would speak it regularly.. i was praying for my result… i thought that i would be failing and was so frightened coz i knew that once i fail my life is going to be hell..ppl around me wont let me live peacefully and nobody would respect me… so i prayed very desparately and asked god just to give me 50% marks as i know i desrved that much only coz i know wat i have done in exams… but during my prayer to god i became a little greedy and asked to give me marks btw 50-60%.. then i thought that would me too much to ask for!!! then i asked just to pass me as i dont wanted to repeat and it would be okay if i would be getting 40%….and on the final day i.e my result day i passed out with 56%./ i mean it was a miracle for me.. i know i m sounding silly but still it was a miracle!!!! Now i would like to ask jerry that what he thinks on this??? Does he think that god loves me and would like to have a relationship wid me thats y he answered my prayer????

    • Jerry says:

      Hi Ashwati,

      Do I think God loves you and would like to have a relationship with you?


      I think that you have a lot of thoughts going on in your head about how a god or gods can affect your life in a real way here on earth – but, in reality – there is none of that. Getting a 56% on your exam doesn’t mean god loves you. I’d not call that a miracle. If you believe in a god – anything can be called a miracle. Christians at the gambling casinoes are calling it miracles of god when they hit a jackpot. The jackpot was due… probability exists in our daily lives. Probability affects all we do – god doesn’t do anything for us here.

      God doesn’t care about your school result Ashwati. Of that I’m sure. You know how? God doesn’t care about the people in war ravaged countries that are praying for some dog food to eat today or some rain to fall so they can give their 4 month old baby a drink. God doesn’t answer them – but, he’s answering your prayers for pulling through school, right?

      Come on.

      Everyone take a deep breath and go…


      Snap into this reality that god isn’t helping at the moment – or maybe never did. God isn’t doing anything in your life or in the lives of those that really need it much more than you.

      Wake up everyone, please…. PLEASE wake up… start living life like you’re the only one that can do anything about it because – that is the sad truth.

  17. ashwati says:

    m sorry for the mistake in the above comment…

  18. anaida says:

    Is that whatever god does, does for the best????

  19. Renee says:

    I don’t get it!!! You feel so isolated in thinking that God isn’t hearing you, and if He’s omniscient, why doesn’t He do something?? Then I read all these posts and I’m not the only one. Many of us are suffering and crying out to God, and it seams to no avail. I just wish I could understand why He allows us to suffer like this. I am a single mother of two. I’ve sinned in life, having sex out of wedlock and living w/the consequence(even though I was in a monogamous relationship). I have cried out to God confessing and repenting, and asking for forgiveness, and my life seems to hit a plateau for awhile then goes right back to the same sadness, and lack, and depression. I have practiced abstinance for going on 8 yrs now, and it hasn’t helped, still struggling, still crying out. My heart hurts so badly!!!! It’s an actual pain there, like something is pressing on my chest at times or sucking the life outta my heart. I wish I knew how to get out of this, I would share it with everyone here. I used to send my tithes to several major prime-time ministries and when I lost my job and wrote them for help, NOT ONE helped!! Some completely ignored the response by not responding, and one said my struggles would be my testimony and that was all the help I was given.(if you consider that help) I lost EVERYTHING and ended up homeless with a 10 mo. old baby, sleeping in my car. I can somewhat deal with the stress of this life but it makes me tearfully sad that my children are subjected to it because of choices I made. God said he would never leave us or forsake us, so why do I feel I’m all alone to figure this out by myself. I’m so sad, and sad for others that have to endure the same plight-it just doesn’t seem fair, that you suffer while trying to do right, and those that intentionally do wrong seem to continue to prosper, I truly don’t get it!!!!

    • Jerry says:

      Hi Renee,

      I feel your hurt as if it were my own. That is a sad story… you gave to these religious organizations and then when you needed help they turned their backs on you! That’s a sad statement, but I’m not at all surprised at their response. Church is a big, BIG business… they give to other large organizations like themselves… and in turn, receive donations from them too!

      God said he would never leave us or forsake us – but when was he talking about? Next life? See, that’s one big problem I have with this idea of a loving god… where the hell are you if you love us? Get off your thumb and come down here and sort this mess out. People are in pain. We are at our wits end. Not just us, but the couple billion people that lived and died before us – in great amounts of pain… billions and billions have died, suffering, and billions and billions more will too it appears… and for what?

      So what is the point of this life? Struggle through it and hope in god? Hope for what? Anyone with two opened eyes can see – we are not given any response from a god at all. Not a good response or bad one – to our prayers. Didn’t god say he would ANSWER our prayers? Yeah, well that’s one answer I’ve stopped waiting for. It’s time the rest of us wise up and pull our heads out of the clouds and realize the same thing.

      God is not here to help us through life on earth. If god is there at all – anywhere – maybe it can help next go around… next life. Or, maybe not. Maybe god was fashioned from the minds of men to do 2 things:

      1. Control us – so we don’t do whatever we damn well feel like doing.
      2. Explain things that are inexplainable… like why good people get screwed over and over while some bad people seem to keep getting all they need.

      Life is a horrible game of hope… until you stare reality straight in the face and start taking steps of your own to make yourself a winner.

  20. james says:

    I pray to God daily since my wife left. God answered my pray saying that I should just wait and that she would return. This has been the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life. Honestly I don’t think I can wait any longer. I would rather move on with my life, and start fresh. After speaking with her I see no chance that she will return. what should I do? Is God telling me this or am I just playing games. Im ready to cut the string and move on.

    • Jerry says:

      Hi James,

      I’ve also suffered through misfortunate events leading up to my wife leaving in the past. It’s a massive stress and heartbreaking event that can leave you feeling like you’re spent. No energy. No drive.

      If you sit there and wait – guess what happens? Whatever probability has in store. That means – maybe she comes, maybe she doesn’t. At this point – sitting and waiting has lost its usefulness and you’ve learned something…

      Nothing gets done in your life – until YOU do it. God doesn’t answer prayer, I don’t know how to help more people see that – most come to it on their own eventually – if they ever stop and look at it realistically.

      Please move on James. Move right on and start doing little things that will get you away from the idea that she’s returning. Please.

      Please start taking into your own capable hands – any decision and action that needs done. Do it. Sitting and waiting is like sitting and waiting for a boulder to drop on your head…

      Do something positive for yourself… anything – any small thing to get started and gradually move away from the hurt you feel inside over the separation of you both.

      Life is about more than love relationships. Love relationships work rarely – it’s not the norm like your society wants you to believe. It’s nothing close to the norm. The average person has multiple love relationships. If there is a right one for you out there – you’ve not found her yet.

      Go find her.

  21. neicy says:

    Mr. Jerry

    PTL, I am a new creature for about 5 years, and I know that this walk is a lonely walk. At times I make feel the spirit of jealousy because everyone knows more than me. Yes I was on fire for the Lord, and my hunger seems to have fizzed a little. I know that everything is a process, and it is his time and not mines. I read the word just about every other day, and as for prayer i can’t pray, so i just speak to him. It frustrated me that I can’t truly grasp the word of the Lord. I know who he is and what he has dome for me, but i feel I am doing something wrong. I feel that I have not received a great relationship with him. Being new gives the lack of knowledge, I haven’t had a revelation or anything revealed to me. I know that trust and obedience and the most respect we can have for our Lord and Saviour, so why do I feel, like I am so stupid or dumb. The Lord shaid do your best because only one person is perfect and that is my big brother Jesus. So can you tell me what must I do to get back where I was with God.

    • Jerry says:

      Well, I think all you really have to keep doing is just believe god is responsible for everything that happens… eventually, as you soak your mind with that, you’ll be brainwashed into thinking it’s true – just like the rest. Eventually your mind will come to believe 100% that it’s true… it can’t be otherwise… the mind can only take indoctrination so long before it falls for whatever you’re throwing at it.

      So, just keep living your life like what is going on is god’s wonderful plan and you’ll come to believe the whole ball of wax.

      πŸ™‚ Jerry

  22. Jamie says:

    I’m a church go-er and believe in the power of prayer, it just never worked for me.

    Quite a while ago, I spent hours everyday asking God to give me a partner, someone who I would love for who they were. I asked him to bless my relationship. After lots of asking, God finally came through. I met an amazing young girl and although she was in school and I was in college, we made it work. And I was so in love with her.

    2 months ago I decided I wanted to marry her, but didnt know the right time to pop the question. I waited for a while, then decided that after she got back from her holiday (August 2010) I would ask her to marry me. She was the one!

    But, 1 day after she got back from holiday she split up with me.
    “NO GOD!” i shouted, “please dont let this happen”. But it happened.
    She wouldn’t even talk to me anymore as it was “awkward” and she tried her best to avoid me.

    Then I had a thought… what if I waited and saw what God would do.
    So I begged him, I begged and i begged and I begged for the girl I love to come back.

    A week ago, she started talking to me again, after about a month.
    I thought God had started sorting it out. I couldn’t be more wrong.

    Tonight, she told me I had to move on, because she loved me but she couldn’t be with me, because she had to focus on her education (university).

    I was crushed. I still am crushed. I wondered, “whydoesnt God answer my prayers for her back?” So i googled it, and came across this site.
    I read the storys, and cried a load… and it wasn’t till I started typing on here, that I realised I couldn’t actually read the screen through my tears.

    I have never known any pain like this before and i feel so broken…

    I don’t want to turn to alcohol but it seems very inviting.

    Someone help me, because God really isn’t and I dont know why!

  23. shawna vandelier says:

    I am trying hard to make a connection with god. I too have not had it easy from the start. My father was physically and emotionally abusive to me, my brothers and mother. The last night I saw him he had a gun to my head. I was 3. The only reason I am alive today is because of the strength of my mother. She got us out, with the help of my aunt who is no longer here. I look up to her more than I realize sometimes. I am not perfect and I don’t trust or like most men. I have never met a man that was selfish or hateful to others. Since childhood I have always wanted to have baby, in particular a daughter. I truly do not want a boy. I feel selfish for asking him to find a girl up in haven to be my daughter, when many women cant have kids at all. I feel so strongly about this. I don’t want to put another man into the world, especially when I think it would be a better place if we had stronger more independent women. I am afraid to get pregnant.. So I have been praying to god. I don’t know if he hears me. I have never been loved and I am tired. I just want a daughter to love and raise. I don’t typically get the things I want in life, so I wonder if this will be any different. I don’t know what to do. I cant afford PGD and I don’t want to have an abortion. I truly hate my life and all I want is a baby girl. How can I get god to hear me?

    • Jerry says:

      Let’s all hope and pray that you DON’T have a baby then. Shawna – you can’t sentence a boy to death or to a life of hell because you’re not ready for a boy. Take care of yourself first. Adopt a girl if you must – but man, take CARE OF YOURSELF FIRST PLEASE.

  24. Adrianne Sadler-Thomas says:

    Hello my name is Adrianne and I have also been trying to hear from, I have been praying really hard because I have been on my job for 16 years and I cannot understand why my co-workers are promoted and these are people who have coming up against me for years and some I have helped train to do the work and some who have left and gotten better jobs in other offices and I just don’t understand why after all of these years why I am still in the same position and wondering if I have to spend another 16 years in the same office all while new employees that come in are getting promoted and I am being passed over for a promotion. Could someone please help me or give me some insite to what’s going on or why this is happening to me? I have been a child of God for a very long time.

  25. Anita says:

    You people should be ashamed for thinking the way you do about God. I pray too for my needs and I feel lost when my prayers go unanswered as much as everyone else. But lets not forget Jesus Christ came into the world poor and oppressed. He knows suffering greatly because he suffered in this world too. And, never believe because God doesnt answer your prayers in a timely manner that he doesnt hear you or love you. It is so far from the truth because God is love. But, He is not our puppet. He hears us because he is holy and mighty above all. He wants to prosper and bless all of us. His timing is not our timing and to turn against him is the devils work. His miracles are for His Glory not ours. Stand FIRM and wear the shield of faith. Do not let your despair turn into bitterness. Fight the good fight and don’t let the devil win. You don’t need to understand God’s ways because that is not standing on faith. God will make a way when there seems to be no way. But He cannot be mocked nor tested. God is mightier than our need for Him. Trust in Him for he loves you during your pain and sorrows. He never promised things would be easy in this world because they are not and never will be. The devil roams the earth and will play with our weakness, ruin families, keep us in despair and oppressions then cause us to blame God for the suffering in our life. It is not God causing us pain because it is sin that causes pain. Trust in His love and faithfulness. Speak His word over your life and live in His covenant. He is faithful to us you will see. I’ve had numerous visions of God since I was 4 years old so I can tell you he definitely hears us. He is alive and alert so watch your words. Words have power more than you can think or imagine. And, tell the devil to flee when you feel your faith falling apart. God bless you all.

    • Thank you Anita, I am feeling so depressed right now, Yet I know it is the work of Satan. He is trying to break up my family. We used to stand strong together in God. Used to pray together, God gave us all gifts, when doubt came in our gifts disappeared. He has been there for us in the past. Now I want to ask every single person to continue praying earnestly, rebuke Satan and his works, anoint yourselves and your partners, pray together. Invite God into our lives anew. Pray through our homes, put Satan out of our lives, thank God for allowing us the grace of being alive and help others who are worse off than us. God is alive and he reigns, don’t let Satan rob us.

  26. Anita says:

    I forgot to mention to the people who are upset because the “bad” people in their life seem to prosper while they do not. Jesus said to bless those who curse you, do good to those who hate you and pray for those who spitefully use you. And, when you stand praying and have anything against someone forgive them. Nothing hinders prayers more than the opposite of these commandments.

  27. kmb says:

    The King James bible was revised by a child molesting sodomite who didn’t want to be held accountable for his sexual molestation of very young boys as King of England. His mother was a murderer. King James own personal writing detail his fodness for raping young boys, and he was reviled throughout Europe as a craven coward. HISTORICAL FACT! Constantine ordered the “committee” who decided what books would go into the Bible to include pagan rituals in order to draw in the masses, and altered test to suit as needed. Pray all you want, as I have done for 15 years for a hideous wrong done to me, for healing. Nothing happens, Nothing changes. It is all bullshit. Babbling pentacostals, ritualistic child molesting catholics, pious baptists, gay methodists, … what utter bullshit. God may be there, but of he is, I am convinced He is cruel, indifferent, callous, and your Bible is full of false promises. 15 years of torment caused by the cruelties of someone else has finally convinced me of this. Sell your bullshit to the sheep deceived by the other fakers and TV evangelists. You rationalize answers,while the revered “King James” bible makes conclusive promises for so many things if you do this and that, or invoke HIS name, but how many dead people have you raised? Ever cured cancer? Hell no. My life was made hell by the evils of others, who prospered while I suffered, who took everything from me. You put your God in heaven, where no one can get to Him. And He just sits up there and watches, and ignores the pleas of millions of His “beloved” children. If your Bible, edited by a child raping sodomite, is true… then why doesn’t God fulfill his promises? Because it is all bullshit. Today, after another night of tormented memories of the things I have suffered, I am done.

  28. tatiana says:

    Thank you for the great article, it’s the way I used to think about pray – to be honnest and clean in your heart like God if you wish him to hear your pray. And for sure not to hate when you pray, but how can I atchieve such kind of peace if somebody makes something bad to my daughter and she doesn’t see it and she believes he is honnest, and what shoud be my pray if I would like God to help to her, thank you.

  29. Nicole S says:

    Selfish small minded people. I have seziuers, a crappy husband and was once living in my car. I prayed to god, and I own my own business now, have money for medication and my husband still treats me like crud, prob worse now. God didn’t give me these things, I worked hard for them. I work hard to make my life a happy place. But, Gods there, Im sure of it.
    I give what I can to people in need, I help and try to do my good deeds. I have had family and friends die and fall ILL. You can pray for them but in the end, we all die. Why even ask to spare ones life for your own selfish reason? Maybe their pain I can see, but modren medicine is great. If any on you truely believe in god, and I do… you would look at the big picture. God put us here for a trail run. Why do you expect him to do everything for you? You all should be less selfish and more concerned about your afterlife. You cant take any of this when you die.

  30. JoeBob says:

    The answer is simple. There’s nobody listening.

  31. Anita says:

    You know, I wonder if Jesus himself was not tempted to give up on God sometimes? Can you imagine being betrayed, arrested, beaten, judged, condemned, crucified? I would be saying, “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me,” too? Yet, even in that cry he calls in faith upon God! And in the garden when he submitted to drinking that bitter cup, he entrusted his life into God’s hands. Jesus believed that somehow even his death could be used by God to accomplish God’s purpose. He would not give up on God, even on a cross. Now that’s faith, my friends.
    Maybe some of you are at the point in which you are thinking about giving up on God. Sounds like some of you already have. Maybe your prayers have seemingly gone unanswered far too long…
    Perhaps the tough times just seem to keep getting tougher, and God doesn’t seem to know or care… Maybe life’s threatening to crucify you too so you are tempted to take the advice of Job’s wife, “Curse God and die!”
    Though you hear or see no result, KEEP ON PRAYING.
    When praying, be patient. Do not let your faith shrink. God sometimes will cause you to wait until the LAST MOMENT. So in trusting God, we wait. The Bible says in Ps 5:3 NIV, IN THE MORNING, O LORD, YOU HEAR MY VOICE; IN THE MORNING I LAY MY REQUESTS BEFORE YOU AND WAIT IN EXPECTATION. KNOWING THIS, THAT THE TRYING OF YOUR FAITH WORKETH PATIENCE. BUT LET PATIENCE HAVE HER PERFECT WORK, THAT YE MAY BE PERFECT AND ENTIRE, WANTING NOTHING-Ja 1:3,4. The Bible tells us that David prayed about the erection of a temple, but his prayers were answered during Solomon’s day so that was QUITE A WAIT.

    The words of Winston Churchill, ( a man who knew the powerful temptation to give up under the most trying of times) comes to mind. Churchill once said at a commencement speech: “Do not give up. Do not EVER give up. Never give up!”
    May we also share that faith and add our own “amen”.

    • Jerry says:

      I wish I could have faith… I just don’t have it. It’s gone, like smoke in the air… like it poured out my ears and cleared my head, my mind, my thoughts… I feel like I’m seeing through a new set of eyes now… God is out of the picture. Was he ever there, or just my creation of god based on all that others filled my mind with? You might ask yourself the same my friend.

  32. Anita says:

    Read the book “The Christian Atheist” by Craig Groeschel. Anytime God doesnt meet our expectatons, we stop believing in Him. God created us in His image. We returned the favor and created Him in ours. God is not the cause of problems in the world sin & evil are the cause.
    We are here to serve Him not for Him to serve us.
    I guess if I too believed God served me I would lose faith in Him as you have.

  33. Pooja says:

    hi Jerry , i studied very hard but couldnt succeed ,why God doesnt listem my prayer ? and my heart is very pure but since childhood and till today , i bear only suffering !!!!

    • Jerry says:

      Pure heart or pure junk in your heart… no matter. Probability is what it is, and it doesn’t have favorites. You are just as likely to suffer grievously as someone that makes a living from ripping off elderly folks that don’t see the scam coming.

      • Pooja says:

        Dear Jerry , plz make it clear and more elobroate …

      • Jerry says:

        Good or bad… whether you try to be good, or you are an idiot to all you meet… no matter. Probability is what rules, not god. God is either:

        1. not there.
        2. not influenced by anything.

        Probability appears to rule our world. Chance. The luck of the draw… it’s a game, really. Just a game. Pull a seat up and grab a beer, and play the game of life. You might have GREAT luck! You might have really, horrible luck. Who knows? Go ahead, give it a try and see what you’ve been dealt.

  34. Pooja says:

    you mean it just luck whats happning or will be come what may whether we do our best , Jerry u know always i thought about my parents and decided to marry to the guy who they select but i am not happy today , i am not married just decided , U know jerry all the things going in opposite way ,just opposite , definately my luck is very horrible and if its so then life is just like a hell ,i just dont want to live :((((

    • Jerry says:

      Some believe in luck. Some in karma. Some in god. Some in some other spirit…

      I just believe in what I see… and that is probability. It affects us all the same. Sort of. There are people that seem to have SO MUCH luck. There are those that seem to have very LITTLE luck. There are those that have good and bad luck… but, usually not one or the other over the entire life.

      When everything seems to go against you – it is natural to feel like – life is hell. I usually feel that life is hell whether it goes with me or against me. If I have no control, if I cannot pray to a god that has and shows control – then what?

      Life is so strange. Luck is strange. Karma – is unknowable. God is unknowable… the only thing that seems knowable is that – THINGS CHANGE.

      Good changes. Bad changes. Life changes. You change. Parents change. People of all sorts change. Luck changes. Bad luck changes.

      See if you can get through what ever bad there is… eventually there is an upturn and things start to look better. Focus on changing whatever you can to make it better!!!!!

      Best of luck!

      • Pooja says:

        Hi Jerry , shall i marry the same person or do i need to change if i change my parents are going to hurt badly or may be some happen very bad or if i go with my parents will , i will suffer certainly coz our understanding dont match at all or nor he is settle ? what i do , i dont know ,may be you dont understand my sitution coz i am a starnge to you and same with you ,

      • Jerry says:

        Hi Pooja,

        Where do you live – which country? What is your religion? Do you believe in the idea that parents choose a husband for you? Will you make your children go with the man that you choose for them?

        You are right – I don’t understand because I grew up in a place where I choose EVERYTHING. From the time I was 17, I chose everything I want to do. My parents are there to guide me – that is all. I choose. I live with the decisions I make.

        I cannot tell you what to do either. You must decide everything for your life…

  35. contact.mariya@gmail.com says:

    I gone through all the comments above and I am not excluded from this. Even I have gone through different kind of pain from my childhood till now. My father have abused me sexually in my childhood. He called me ‘prostitute’ in an age when I don’t know what is the meaning of that word. I was having a lonely life from my childhood till my marriage. But God blessed me with a husband who loves me a lot even after knowing all negative part of my life.

    Today after 5 years of marriage we are waiting for a Baby. In the initial years of marriage I had to gone through lot of physical and mental pain due to treatment for a baby. But nothing worked out. I strongly believe in God that he will do a miracle in my life.

    Today I am happy not because I have everything I wanted.. but because I have a God who loves me more than anyone and I believe he will provide all my needs and desires. He will life me in front of those who have insulted me.

    See.. If we have to see God’s love or miracle in our individual life.. we need to go through a trial time too. After many years when you turn back you will realize every thing happened for the best…

    Bible speaks all about God and his works in human life. Matthew 7:7 says “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.

    When you ask to God believe ‘you got it’… And when you believe you ‘got it ‘ ….then where is the pain?

    I believe God loves everyone who cries to him. Look at the famous stories in Bible like ‘Job’. He had to gone through such a worse time only because Devil was jealous on him. But in his bad time he never grumbled.. never murmured… But was faithful to God.. He thanked God for the good time he had in his past and accepted the tough time without complaint. Later he got blessed with more than what he had.

    You know our enemy(Devil) wanted to see us always in pain and disappointment. If you look at the history in bible you can see his work in God fearing people. But those who stood faithfully got blessed with more than what they expected.. and those who could not face the test got destroyed.

    Abraham(The most favorite person in the eyes of God). Don’t you think he was not having a tough time in his life. He was financially blessed but was not having a generation. What a great insult his wife was going through.. And they got blessed in such time which was impossible as per human thinking.

    From both these stories I would like to give a simple message to you.

    Keep praying without loosing your faith… without doubting… without complaining…It will be answered. It might not be in the way how you wanted.. But in a mighty way you can’t even imagine….B’Coz he is your Creator… the one who knows the creature than itsellf.

    Be Blessed!


  36. Angel says:

    If God does not hear your prayers, because you are not of God. God will hear you if you are of God. God will never hear an ally of Satan or a son of Satan. Anyone who sins, is not a son of God. There is no beyond doubt. The gospel of God is love and holiness. I love you because Jesus loves you and because I am the son of God and follows the light and the word of God and the words of Jesus Christ. God hears my prayers always. Because God is love.

    • Anonymous says:

      Ohh really Ms. Angel ,who will decide that who is satan , i heard God give sufferings who is very close to him and test their patience , but you said you are god or son of God , very funny , dont make your perception without knowing anybody and don,t make judgement ,God is the name of Good deeds but in your thoughts i don’t see any , first of all make your own thinking better ,after that judge others , after reading your thoughts i dnt even feel you are a good person , so make your own life first beacuse we see the world as we are ,right Angel ????

  37. Paul says:

    I have problem too, I know for sure as long as I am living on this earth being a person still breathing, moving, eating, drinking, talking then I will will face anything that this earth has. I know for sure I will not be free from suffering, un happy until I am no longer living. Therefore my conclusion are: Anything that happen on this earth will continued to happening, not just happening to me but it is happening to all of us included billions. NO NEED TO WORRY.

  38. Anonymous says:

    i prayed….i prayed for it soo much…i ased GOd everyday to answer my prayer….but he didnt listen….he just didn’t listen…there is no count for the times i’ve cried myself to sleep for this…..hw much i creid and begged God to hear me…..why didn’t he listen…i know i shouldn’t be angry wid God…..he has a plan for eveyone….but why be so cruel?? idk wat to feel…i fell soooooo depressed…..i trusted God, i had soooo much faith in him…but he let me down…..is he even watching my suffering????????????????????????????????
    does he even care????????????????????????????????
    hez given my family a lot of pain….idk….i’v let my parents down…i let everyone down…if only he answered my prayer, i would have been SO thankful…i would have loved him soo much……if only he answered my prayer, my family wouldn’t hve been so helpless…..i wouldn’t have lost soo much faith and trust…………….why doesn’t he atleast show a little sigh to show that he is listening? anything to show that he cares????
    am i even meant to feel these things…..idk im so hurt…..God hurt me….

  39. sue says:

    I pray day and night I like going to church but my prayers aren’t being answered I but having flu like systoms pray to be well so I can go to church doesn’t God want me to go?

  40. Bruce says:

    what are you all talking about, I have preyed many times , look I am 65 yr old so my time is on the down side, how do I get God,s attention, I need his advise or just a nod will do

  41. JFC! Answer my prayers, WAFL! I can’t even get him to stop kicking me! Of course I believe in God! I just think he isn’t any good at his job. The universe for me is like a ’68 VW bug that’s all bunged up, and is being driven by an aging hippie smoking a joint!

  42. I am asking if God exists because for the past 5 years my family and I changed our lives, way of thinking and way of doing things to try and live a more Godly life. We have been praying for others and God blessed each one of us with a unique gift. We continued doing the work of God. We were constantly under attack from Satan. We helped others but our lives changed for the worse. My son did drugs. My daughter and I can’t find employment, my husband and I are arguing all the time, we lost our gifts. We have never been so financially broke. The crime in our area has escalated to the extent that we are prisoners in our own homes. My son also failed grade 11 last year. We cannot apply for a other home to get out of the area because we are barely surviving. Everyday they are shooting here, we are on a corner house so they shoot at each other using our house as a shield. My husband is experiencing problems at his work. He was demoted. Is this how things are when u serve God ?

  43. Hi there Jerry. After writing to you, I read all the other comments. I realized that the problem isn’t whether God hears my prayers!! The problem is me. I think because I pray everything must work out the way I want it to work out, actually God has his own plans for each and everyone of us. We must turn all our negatives into positives. We must become more humble, grateful and thankful for what we have and not concentrate on what we don’t have. I have just realized that all of us have one thing in common, we are all alive. No matter what our circumstances are, there is always somebody out there going through something worse. I thank God for what he has done for me in the past, what he is about to do for me in the future, I will never allow Satan to place a seed of doubt in my mind again. Many times we are so busy blaming God , that we forget God is a loving God, he does not harm us, Satan does, many times we are the course of our own circumstances, forgive everybody that has ever harmed or hurt you, release them and you will be released. Clear your heart of any hate and animosity and welcome in peace and love, positivity, see the changes when you pray. God will bless u if your heart is pure. God bless all of you, he loves us so much that he allowed his son to die on the cross for us.😍

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