God, are you there?

I know we’re not supposed to pray and so I haven’t… but uhm, you’re not saying anything anymore. What happened?

I feel like I must have done something wrong, but I’m not sure what. When you told us to pray in the bible I prayed and prayed and prayed and prayed. I prayed with the faith of a mustard seed and the whole tree. That’s when you started to speak to me like I was your partner in this.

Now I haven’t heard anything. What happened? I’m sure something is not OK and yet, I won’t know how to change it until you start talking again. Can you start again please?

I’m facing tough scrutiny from a couple of people reading my blog and I’m not sure how to answer them because you’re not there for me anymore – giving me the answers.

Was that it – give me the new commandments and then never speak again?

I’ll wait some more… what else is there? I went to church and said a tiny prayer and I’m wondering if that might be what you’re not so happy about. I also noticed that the money went down this month from the fund. Am I to become JOB now? First Milano’s pizza was closed, then the fund went down… and now it’s been days since you said anything at all.

I’m sleeping not so good either now.

But you know all this I presume. Or doth I presume too much??

Ok, I’m here if you want to give me any message…


About Jerry

Mississippi born and raised. I've studied many religions and read the bible through a couple of times. I have a fervent need to share GOD's message since it made itself known to me. This blog is to reveal God's word and daily messages I get from God my savior. NOTE: Well it was for that anyway...
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