Life outside America, Cambodia Child Prostitution site

Doing a lot of reading lately

Reading everything.

I haven’t blogged before and this is all novel stuff. I’ve missed out for a couple years of this. Needed a break from internet things for a long time. I’ve had a break, now just looking around. There is so much to find.

I’m always concerned about children. My son isn’t with me, due to his mother’s bailing out. So I’m going solo. I like to teach kids and if I see a child and can interact with them in someway to get them to smile – I do it!

Children are the most innocent of us. They are so pure. There is such filth out there.

I started to read an msnbc site about how they did an undercover story and got video of these idiots in Cambodia selling children with impunity.  Sure I’d heard of it -and I’ve always thought – 15, 16 year old girls… and this report wasn’t much about them.  This report was about the 6 year old and 7,8 year old girls and boys that were there as sexslaves.

I’m not joking.

I found a few sites that were worth reading all of them making me tearyeyed.

The profound sickness that exists on this Earth is bewildering to me. Cambodian children, Vietnamese children that aren’t old enough to ride a bike by themselves being forced to have sex with 10 men per day??? What is going on?  Where is GOD for this?

How can we not ask that question?

I’m asking so many questions lately…

Why God, is there “Cambodia Child Prostitution”?
There are christians trying to help at their
Cambodia child prostitution” site, but how much can they do?  I read some of their stuff. They seem like their hands are tied. They watch and report to police somewhere about guys they know are criminals. Not much but it’s a start.

What are we doing? I’m only able to send money every month, but we need a serious effort against this stuff.

A godly effort would be nice. I don’t believe in asking for anything – or praying – since he told me not to – but, jeez… what about this?  Can we pray about this? Ask God about THIS?

I am really confused about no direct answers. The things I see here don’t make sense. If I blindly have faith – yes, no matter. I don’t think much about the things that don’t make sense – just trust that it’s all ok. Well, it’s NOT really ok.  Tell these child prostitutes that are held in cages and drugged to be compliant for sex that – “it’s OK, trust in God sweetheart” he loves you so much.

How could we tell them THAT and believe it ourselves?

😦  sad night tonight… goodnight

Godbless, Jerry


About Jerry

Mississippi born and raised. I've studied many religions and read the bible through a couple of times. I have a fervent need to share GOD's message since it made itself known to me. This blog is to reveal God's word and daily messages I get from God my savior. NOTE: Well it was for that anyway...
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6 Responses to Life outside America, Cambodia Child Prostitution site

  1. Jim says:

    The greater truth about God is that God doesn’t intervene because to do so would negate the freedom which gives meaning to all of His splendid creation. As children of God we are still quite unevolved both socially and mentally. As to your statement about sickness in the world, it is not a sickness as many of the perpetrators would have you believe. It is sickening yes, but make no mistake…these are fully conscious evil choices! Authorities are helpless to stop such evil when the perpetraitors are given light sentences and simply re-released to turn some other child’s life into shit. You would do better to gouge out their eyes. That way they will have much much greater difficulty stalking & capturing our children.

  2. Jerry says:

    Freedom gives meaning to “all his splendid creation”??? I can’t believe you said that Jim.

    WHAT freedom do you have?

    Did you decide the psychological makeup of your brain and it’s chemistry? Did you decide WHERE you grew up and the environment that coddled you? Did you decide to ever QUESTION your religion and see if it has faults? Did you decide what range of IQ you would have? Emotional IQ? Physical capabilities? Predispositions for addiction? What freedom you think you have AFTER the entire game was created is not freedom at all my friend.

    If I was able to program a computer software program to act as a new type of animal… and I plugged in EVERY SINGLE POSSIBLE VARIABLE – what it will like, not like, endure, whether it swill feel pain, pleasure, the kinds and quality of things that bring pleasure and pain… EVERYTHING that is necessary to make it work –

    And then I gave it “Freedom”??? Freedom is only within the confines of what already is Jim. The game here – already IS. It has been set up from long before you were alive and entered the game. When you entered the game you were given certain predispositions. Some of these you share with others – commonly. Others are yours uniquely. Some were refined or created entirely as you grew up and matured from baby. Others were there in your brain chemistry.

    I’m guessing you were born with your arms and legs. Some of us were not. Do you think I had the freedom to choose whether I had arms and legs or not? The variables of the game are GIVEN to us Jim… what we do with them cannot be called “Freedom” which gives what you call god’s “splendid creation” meaning. Meaning within the confines of a game that has already been created and millions of variables chosen FOR you… that is all we have here… and,

    What is that?

    God is an idiot Jim.

  3. Booboo says:

    Hey.. Actually when people decide to worship idols other than God, they leave God. God is a gentleman, He runs after us, holds His hands all
    day long out to us, but does not jam Himself down our throats. If we decide to leave His protective covering, and worship idols where there are denomic powers behind, out of respect for our free will, God allows us. Then He gives us up to the perversity n sinful desires if our hearts (Romans 1:24). All this is not from God and not of His will.

    • Jerry says:

      This was hilarious…

      “out of respect for our free will, God allows us.”

      Did god create you with free will? ha!

      You’re as programmed as a C++ program running on a computer in your home. To start, god programmed you with all the variables and possible combinations of those variables that are genetic.

      Secondly, you have been programmed by the environment you grew up in. There’s a reason you know god – you were born in a place, to a family, and environment that facilitated that. Ask the Aborigines about god…

  4. Booboo says:

    And btw Jerry : if u were born without hands n legs, check whether there is generational curse in your family. (Deuteronomy 5:9-10). You can’t blame God if you or your family decide to leave his protective covering, I.e not accept God as your Lord n saviour

    • Jerry says:


      If you can still have any belief in a “good god” after that bit of slop, you’re more brainwashed than I ever thought possible. Free will? Who has free will missing hands and legs? Free will within the confines of that which god gave you already… your missing limbs, the place you grew up, your parents…

      See the big picture Skippy, not just what everyone told you.

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