Coming Full Circle…

I just realized I’ve not posted here for months. I have been busy with my life, choosing not to rely on god for anything and it’s turning out as much of the same – no success in any area and lots of disappointment in all of them.

Whether there is faith or no faith I have found that it makes no difference at all. Faith is for the mind to keep going. It’s for the weak and those that prefer to live outside reality.  I live in reality most times now and though it sucks just the same at least I’m not looking for a savior to come and change something.

If I want to change something – I change it. If I don’t change anything – nothing changes. That’s reality. Hope in god to do something for me in my life is ridiculous considering there are other horrifying things going on in the world that he’s quite consistently ignoring. Why would it concern it’s self with me? My problems aren’t all that great yet.

So – we wait to see… will Jerry’s problems get so great that god gives a care and does something?  Not likely.

Notice the little children with cancer that are suffering through chemotherapy at 2 years old, 3…  notice the tears they cry or do you ignore them like the rest of Christians that believe in their “good god”?

Notice the little children being raped in Cambodia… their vaginas and rectums torn and infected with herpes, syphillus, gonorrhea, trichinosis, and chlamydia… oh, did I mention HIV?  HIV is actually their savior, as it will cut short their suffering someday…  Notice how many of you Christians are doing something DAILY to help those that are not as well off as yourself.

Notice how you only associate with those of similar beliefs?

Notice how many Christians are offering shelter, training, food, advice, love, caring, showers, soap, shoes and Q-tips to the millions of homeless in American and elsewhere around the world?

Notice how if Christians DO help that they prefer to help almost anonymously…. and not putting out much more effort than writing a check or dropping money in an envelope at their church so that their money will help others. Notice how good you Christians feel about that weak act…  It’s a cop-out for doing something real and lasting… It’s an easy and cheap way for you to feel like you DID something – when in fact, you’ve just enabled others to do something. You did nothing more than write a check for some amount that meant nothing to you.

How many of you Christians give until it hurts?  I mean really hurts.  How many of you forsake savings so that you can give the money away to someone that needs it NOW?

I’ve become sick of Christianity over these months. I’ve opened up my mind to the sickness that exists within us. I don’t even call myself Christian anymore. I think Christians are a largely worthless lot that groom each other and give everyone in their little groups a “happy-happy”, but that essentially avoid anything where they might become embarrased or need to interact personally with someone one-on-one to effect a change in someone’s life.


For what?


About Jerry

Mississippi born and raised. I've studied many religions and read the bible through a couple of times. I have a fervent need to share GOD's message since it made itself known to me. This blog is to reveal God's word and daily messages I get from God my savior. NOTE: Well it was for that anyway...
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17 Responses to Coming Full Circle…

  1. grudd2712 says:

    If you don’t mind if I ask why do you blame God for all your problems

  2. grudd2712 says:

    That Question was to Jerry

  3. Jerry says:

    ha! WHY? God set the game up my friend. God set up every possible variable of the game… it’s a done deal. Everything that you do, and are, is because you’re playing out the game as it was set up. There’s no free will. You are a pawn in a sick game that god created.

    Who should I blame for my problems?

    My mom? My dad that left when I was 5? My being born with attention-deficit disorder was not my mom’s doing. Not mine. My being born into a low-income family in Pennsylvania in the USA was not my doing.

    My being born with a 150 IQ was not my doing.

    My growing up surrounded by people that blindly followed Roman Catholicism and didn’t question anything was not my doing.

    My being born with a predisposition towards joining groups that make me feel better about myself, and yet alienating those in other groups at the same time – was not my doing.

    Who do you blame?

  4. grudd2712 says:

    Jerry: the difference is God deals with the spiritual before the physical. If you are going to handle God’s Money he takes you a series of test to know what your going to do w/ it. His money has a mission and it’s not to fullfill self gratification. so he makes sure your hearts right before he begins to manifest physical blessing. so he takes us through a serious humbling process to make sure we know that when we are poor broke and weak that he is all sufficient and strong.

    Grudd… God already GAVE YOU the physical so please, don’t say something that doesn’t make sense. Everything that you are is the physical. Everything that surrounds you and that contributed to the person you became and are today – is part of that physical environment that is already THERE.

    I have no idea what you’re talking about handling god’s money. Whether god has money or not – you don’t have access to that information.

    Do you realize how many children’s “hearts are right” and they are going through such unimagineable pain and torture every single day that you sit in your house and eat potato chips? What is god waiting for to dish out the physical blessing? More prayer? More faith from a child?

    GOD GAVE THE TOTAL REALM OF POSSIBILITY OF FAITH THAT THAT CHILD COULD EVER POSSIBLE HAVE AT THE BEGINNING OF THE GAME. IF that child cannot do better spiritually then he/she is left to suffer that pain daily?

    Wake up man. Blame god for the game because he is the puppeteer and the one that created the marionettes… us.

    Don’t live your entire life in a state of ignorance of reality.


  5. grudd2712 says:

    I don’t blame any one I have adhd to my dad left when i was 2 so I understand

  6. grudd2712 says:

    for the longest time I pictured God like my dad and my step dad SELFISH but as time has gone by he has healed me of my drug addictions, self pitty, pornography addiction, restored my family, and has provided for me ever since I lost my job

  7. grudd2712 says:

    he has become my best friend and he’s not a mind set for weak people the Holy Spirit is a real person.

  8. Jerry says:

    Your best friend is yourself… there is nobody inside your head, nor outside on your shoulder. There is only a WANT for something like this… and unfortunately , if it IS there – we cannot interact with it. If the holy spirit is a real person, then you can show it to me. You can, yes? SHOW IT! Stop being foolish and talking ridiculously, come back to reality and realize you’re saying things that don’t make SENSE. A real person talks to us and we can touch him or her. How can you possibly say that the holy spirit is a real person – that’s just foolishness that you choose to delude yourself with.

    Grow up and accept reality – it’s the only thing that works.

  9. grudd2712 says:

    The Lord said to me prophecy son of man to the hearts of men and women I long to love you just as when I created You. I long to heal YOUR heart, I long to hear your voice, I was there when you where first born , I saw your first tear, your first laugh and giggle, I was there when you got your first scratch, I have watched you grow, I know the hurt of your heart. I bore the hurt you carry w/ in. I long to fill the craving of accepetance and purpose in this life . I have seen you plowing fields w/ no oxen on fields that have had no rain for years. So I will send rain don’t grow weary in good doings, For I give rest to the weary My yoke is easy and My burden is light, and for the years that the locust have eaten I will make right. So come to me and sit at my feet and I will bring you out of this pit of defeat.

  10. grudd2712 says:

    Hebrews 11:6- and without playing the game it is impossible to please God because he is mysterious god and impossible to please… anyone that comes to him must first believe that he exists because otherwise, he is a figment of fantasy that exists in the hearts and minds of the silly non-thinking christian drones that refuse to question… it’s like if everyone believed the world was still flat because nobody questioned it…

  11. Jerry says:

    How can he long to heal your heart when he was the one that inflicted the damage? Does that make sense?

    How can he long to hear your voice – is it a selfish longing? Because though you might LONG to hear god’s voice – you never will unless your mind creates one.

    Yes, god was there when you were first born – because HE STARTED YOU IN THE GAME.

    Yes, god saw your first tear – because GOD GAVE YOU THE FIRST TEAR AND THE FIRST SMILE AND THE FIRST GIGGLE AND LAUGH. GOD GAVE YOU THE FIRST SCRATCH. GOD KNOWS the hurt of your heart -because god GAVE YOU IT!

  12. Pardon my butting into the ongoing conversation guys, but Jerry makes several points that grudd simply doesn’t want to see. And that’s exactly what believers do. They’ll happily say the Bible is 100% correct, being God’s word, but they’ll happily ignore all the evil it contains.

    You need to read the whole Bible, not just the bits you want to believe in –

    Because believers can turn a blind eye to the Bible’s evil, they can easily turn a blind eye to the world’s evil.

  13. Here’s one thing the Bible says about Sex Slaves:

    “Sex Slaves: When a man sells his daughter as a slave, she will not be freed at the end of six years as the men are. If she does not please the man who bought her, he may allow her to be bought back again. But he is not allowed to sell her to foreigners, since he is the one who broke the contract with her. And if the slave girl’s owner arranges for her to marry his son, he may no longer treat her as a slave girl, but he must treat her as his daughter. If he himself marries her and then takes another wife, he may not reduce her food or clothing or fail to sleep with her as his wife. If he fails in any of these three ways, she may leave as a free woman without making any payment.”

    (Exodus 21:7-11 NLT)

  14. Jerry
    It seems like you might be confusing God/ issues of faith with the Movie _the Matrix_.

    However, up to a certain degree, I would have to agree with you and paralleldivergence that christian believers can often overlook the tangible evil around them in pursuit of the more intangible gifts of God. I make that admission not as a skeptic but as a Christian myself… A Christian who came to faith not as a young child but rather through deep spiritual/ emotional/ and intellectual struggle during my young adult years. Which leads me to contend that faith– not to be confused with optimism or emotional happiness– is not for the weak-minded but the strong-minded. Since converting my life to Christianity, I have never struggled more with what I learn in classrooms or see on the streets, concerning the state of our world. Most conditions that trouble the modern man (poverty, disease, famine, corruption, hatred and war, etc.) are not new problems– in fact, Jesus warned us that we will always have the poor among us. It should come as no surprise to us that, in fact, we still do have the poor among us.

    I’m rambling, sorry.

    And if you are sick of pat answers, which I have tried not to give, I challenge you to read Ecclesiastes. The thing I like about that book is that, unlike the claims of many Christians who like to view their faith through rose-colored glasses, Ecclesiastes doesn’t resolve. It presents an honest, sociological and philosophical cross-section of the human condition. It’s moral is to serve God– and yet there is no substantive resolve at the end. That’s how faith is. And so if you are looking for a faith which will make your whole life resolve, you will probably come up empty handed or else delusional. The value of it is not that it resolves life, but offers truth and depth and purpose to the great, painful paradoxes of life.


  15. Atilla says:

    Hey, I just wanted to let you know that I answered your comment and you’re more then welcome to reply back.

  16. faithfool says:

    You should be angry at God, based on your assumptions of what He is responsible for. But which version of God are you angry at? At the “everything depends on Him and nothing happens except what He wants” version? That sounds like Islam. At the “everything depends on us and we have the power to change everything by ourselves” version? That sounds like Oprah. I don’t know if your version of God suffered and died on the cross… and I don’t know if you hoped He would return to bring final justice, but I do, and that changes everything.

    There is a difference between a testing “faith” and a trusting faith. Have your exercises of faith been tests of God, to see how He would react? Or have they been genuine expressions of loving God and trusting that He will meet all your needs? I know you’re hurting, man, what with everything you’ve been through and everything you see in the world around you. You can’t make it on your own. God will not make your life easy. But He promises to make you whole and to use you to heal so much of the brokeness you see, if you will submit to Him. Do you believe that He would do that for you?

    “The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world that he didn’t exist.” (Verbal Kint, “The Usual Suspects”)

    The greatest trick that we ever pulled was convincing the world that the Holocaust was someone else’s problem.

    Evil is alive and well in the world. Is God the one to blame?

    You have permission to doubt. Doubt God. Doubt this world. Doubt yourself. It’s okay for you to struggle and to yearn for truth, no matter at what cost. That’s what “Ecclesiastes” is all about. We’re all works in progress and I apologize for not emphasizing this sooner. But, it’s also true that you have permission to believe. (For the record, God is the one granting these permissions, not me; I’m just a messenger.) Whether this is a comforting thought or not, at the end of the day, if you are to survive life, you will have to believe in something. And it can’t be just any something. You know this, for that search is what has brought you to this place. And that ain’t such a bad place to start.

  17. Jerry says:

    Oh boy faithfool… I’d need to write a book to respond to you. Here is an incomplete response….

    1. God is responsible for ALL OF IT. If he made it – if he created it all – he is responsible for everything… not just the good like some people want to give credit for. I hold god accountable for everything that is screwed up in this world. It is so bad that I can’t even give credit for the good things – because – if I believed in a good god – I’d think using the smallest portion of my brain, that god would have made things good here. A nice place to spend 72 years. I see it as crap. I don’t see life as a gift. It’s a torment. For some reason this clown wanted to torture every one of us in different ways and see what happens. It’s a sick and twisted individual that could implement such a thing. If you don’t see that – you need to open up your eyes and step away from the rosy life you’ve built around yourself. Go out and SEE cambodian kids at the whorehouses. Go out and SEE the war (pick one) from the inside. Step away from your cozy net of friends and get a proper perspective about the world. You are in a tiny percentage of the world’s population if you have a job, are safe everyday, are eating 3 meals per day, are not afraid of tomorrow, are not getting abused in some way, have not experienced rape, murder, battery on yourself or someone you love. You are in the tiniest minority if you were educated in the USA. If you are able to be treated at the medical facilities in the USA. If you have any savings. If you have friends and family that love you and that would support you. If you have more than 1 pair of shoes. If you can actually CHOOSE what you want to eat everyday instead of it being without choice. If you have never seen a child lose his mother.

    I’m upset with the God that created ALL OF IT – the bad too.

    2. Testing faith and true faith… Which one does a child have? What is a child capable of? That’s the one I had. If the faith of a child isn’t faith enough for your god – then what good is that god? If one cannot TEST – like we test every other thing on the planet to prove to our rational and logical mind that something is worthy of our time… then what kind of god is that? Do I need to make any effort to reach it? Nah, for what? It does not respond to ANYTHING. Not a child, not an adult. It’s pointless to try and then rename what happens on the good side of the curve statistically as good things from god.

    3. Is god to blame for the evil in the world???? hahahhaha! What are you asking? If I create a computer program that pulls peoples SSN’s and distributes them to criminals for a fee – am I responsible? If I could program a population of people to act within the confines of certain behaviors…. and they kill each other – am I responsible? Hell yes! Call god to account for these things… Who Else?

    4. I don’t need permission for anything that I do with my mind. Apparently you don’t really get that. Don’t tell someone what permission they have! That is disgusting that you even said that.

    To survive life – I DO believe in something. The God that created this world – or whatever created or started this world is evil… not good at heart and doesn’t respond to anything we attempt. I’m done attempting – it’s fruitless. I choose not to delude myself with God’s good gifts… and ignore all the shite that came with it. I don’t understand, and I don’t like God. I think God is an idiot form of energy that is far from good.

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