God Almighty… What are you DOING?

I had a few instances lately where I was cursing god. Just outright cursing.  The first was when I saw a woman with a spine degenerative disease. She was only about 21 years old and she was grossly malformed and twisting and squirming just to walk forward down the street.

God, what the hell are you THINKING?  You made life hard enough as it is… screwed us with the stupid rules you created, and then some people you worked over GOOD.  FOR WHAT?

What are you DOING GOD? You’ve farked up the entire human condition and yet you’re still finding individuals to attack and humiliate – as if their life wasn’t already going to be hell.

Why did you create a world of suffering? I don’t see a GOOD reason. Stupid, unquestioning christians talk about a GOOD god… a GOOD purpose… what schlock! What a crock of crap that is.

Open your eyes – all of you believers in a good god and take a look around you. What do you see? Good things? I don’t.

I am becoming convinced over these months of questioning… you are not at all a good god. You must be a reject from somewhere else. Some other, good god, told you – go start a loser planet somewhere and see who respects you… see who can live with it.  And you did. And here we are – you’re project, thoroughly dicked over from day 1.

I don’t like it and I’m going to kick you right in your goddamned forehead when I see you.



About Jerry

Mississippi born and raised. I've studied many religions and read the bible through a couple of times. I have a fervent need to share GOD's message since it made itself known to me. This blog is to reveal God's word and daily messages I get from God my savior. NOTE: Well it was for that anyway...
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2 Responses to God Almighty… What are you DOING?

  1. Muhammad Raza says:

    Hello dear Jerry
    Me think exactlysame like u about god\
    but what should we do of this fucking life
    I have been thinking for a lon time :what is purpose of life:
    but couldnot understand
    Me Electrical engineer from Pakistan
    Tell some thing about u

  2. Leon says:

    I don’t think you should be that hard on God. he isn’t a genie you know. He gave us free will, and most of us abuse it. You should be cursing mankind, not God.

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