Stay Tuned for My New Book: God is an A&&hole

Seriously, I’ve been working on it the past couple of months. It’s amazing reading. I’ve poured my heart, soul, mind and all my energy into this amazing book.

It will likely be a FREE e-book so I can have mass distribution.

God bless,



About Jerry

Mississippi born and raised. I've studied many religions and read the bible through a couple of times. I have a fervent need to share GOD's message since it made itself known to me. This blog is to reveal God's word and daily messages I get from God my savior. NOTE: Well it was for that anyway...
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4 Responses to Stay Tuned for My New Book: God is an A&&hole

  1. L says:

    Can’t wait to read it.. 🙂

  2. Jerry says:

    The problem is with this new book – is that I’ve got so much negative energy regarding this topic that it’s overflowing… spewing forth, so to speak. I’ve just kept adding to the outline of the book and adding to it… when will it end?

    The depth of feeling for this topic goes so deep… Perhaps I’ll finish it in 2010.

  3. amerahh says:

    yeahh ! idnt call myself anything i just beleive in god .

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