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Mississippi born and raised. I've studied many religions and read the bible through a couple of times. I have a fervent need to share GOD's message since it made itself known to me. This blog is to reveal God's word and daily messages I get from God my savior. NOTE: Well it was for that anyway...

Dog Ripped to Shreds in Front of Wife and Baby

My wife just knocked on the door to my home office here and cracked the door. “Honey, a dog was just hit by a car out front… can you come and do something?” I got up and went down to … Continue reading

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Gravity – Part of God’s Great Plan

I haven’t heard any one but myself gripe about this. Gravity. It’s kicking our ass from the time we’re born – and it never lets up. Gravity is inescapable. It’s not just that we have gravity. In this current setup … Continue reading

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Who or What Started this World? – Poll – Please Vote

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The Givens

Fiction writer Mike Fook mentioned coming out with a book about the evidence all around us for God or Aliens – and letting us decide. It’s to be called “The Givens”. The Givens are all that we see around us … Continue reading

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I’m Thankful and Spiteful this Thanksgiving

Thankful to something – whatever made this mess – there are a few good things in the mess in my life. Probably some in yours too. Probably everyone that stays living and doesn’t kill themselves thinks there is something ‘good’ … Continue reading

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Stay Tuned for My New Book: God is an A&&hole

Seriously, I’ve been working on it the past couple of months. It’s amazing reading. I’ve poured my heart, soul, mind and all my energy into this amazing book. It will likely be a FREE e-book so I can have mass … Continue reading

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It’s a Farked Life! I believe it too…

I just found a blog that seems to be what I’ve been looking for… It’s a Farked Life! “And on the 8th day god said, “You’re ALL FARKED!” ha! I like that for some reason. God has stopped talking to … Continue reading

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