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It’s a Farked Life! I believe it too…

I just found a blog that seems to be what I’ve been looking for… It’s a Farked Life! “And on the 8th day god said, “You’re ALL FARKED!” ha! I like that for some reason. God has stopped talking to … Continue reading

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God is an *

I decided that I’d like to change the name of this blog to god is an a**hole.  The one, *, will have to suffice as it will get past the censors that censor our freedom of speech. I no longer … Continue reading

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Life outside America, Cambodia Child Prostitution site

Doing a lot of reading lately Reading everything. I haven’t blogged before and this is all novel stuff. I’ve missed out for a couple years of this. Needed a break from internet things for a long time. I’ve had a break, now just looking around. There is so much to find. I’m always concerned about children. My son isn’t with me, due to his mother’s bailing out. So I’m going solo. I like to teach kids and if I see a child and can interact with them in someway to get them to smile – I do it! Children are the most innocent of us. They are so pure. There is such filth out there. I started to read an msnbc site about how they did an undercover story and got video of these idiots in Cambodia selling children with impunity.  Sure I’d heard of it -and I’ve always thought – 15, 16 year old girls… and this report wasn’t much about them.  This report was about the 6 year old and 7,8 year old girls and boys that were there as sexslaves. I’m not joking. I found a few sites that were worth reading all of them making me tearyeyed. The profound sickness that exists on this Earth is bewildering to me. Cambodian children, Vietnamese children that aren’t old enough to ride a bike by themselves being forced to have sex with 10 men per day??? What is going on?  Where is GOD for this? How can we not ask that question? I’m asking so many questions lately… Why God, is there “Cambodia Child Prostitution”? There are christians trying to help at their “Cambodia child prostitution” site, but how much can they do?  I read some of their stuff. … Continue reading

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Nothing from God…

Nothing.  Just more of nothing. Same as for everyone else… nothing.  I’m not sure if I’ll ever hear your voice again… and it’s OK if not… while you were talking it was stressful and yet I felt a connection with … Continue reading

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Passion of the Christ (stupid), and God’s Rules of the game #1, Pain-Pleasure

Still nothing. It’s now been over a week. I’m not getting a-n-y-t-h-i-n-g from God anymore. I have been questioning God more lately and I fear that this is what led up to this. That’s my guess anyway. Without God telling … Continue reading

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God said, “All religions must join together under my name”

This morning I woke up feeling really good. The sun was shining through the second floor of our bedroom… and it was cool out… the breeze coming through the open window. The chickens were making noise out past the rubber … Continue reading

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