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God Almighty… What are you DOING?

I had a few instances lately where I was cursing god. Just outright cursing.  The first was when I saw a woman with a spine degenerative disease. She was only about 21 years old and she was grossly malformed and … Continue reading

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Dog(s) Left on a Highway to Play in Traffic

The other night I was reminded of God’s glaring disconcern for anything alive on this screwy planet. As we drove back home from a beach about 11pm. I hit the breaks hard as I saw something crossing the road oblivious … Continue reading

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Nothing from God…

Nothing.  Just more of nothing. Same as for everyone else… nothing.  I’m not sure if I’ll ever hear your voice again… and it’s OK if not… while you were talking it was stressful and yet I felt a connection with … Continue reading

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Why Doesn’t God Hear My Prayers?

A major theme not only in Christianity itself, but across religions is, “Why Doesn’t God Hear My Prayers?” Many times I hear this question from people asking me or from the news or at church groups or whatnot. It’s quite … Continue reading

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