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Dog Ripped to Shreds in Front of Wife and Baby

My wife just knocked on the door to my home office here and cracked the door. “Honey, a dog was just hit by a car out front… can you come and do something?” I got up and went down to … Continue reading

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Gravity – Part of God’s Great Plan

I haven’t heard any one but myself gripe about this. Gravity. It’s kicking our ass from the time we’re born – and it never lets up. Gravity is inescapable. It’s not just that we have gravity. In this current setup … Continue reading

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Stay Tuned for My New Book: God is an A&&hole

Seriously, I’ve been working on it the past couple of months. It’s amazing reading. I’ve poured my heart, soul, mind and all my energy into this amazing book. It will likely be a FREE e-book so I can have mass … Continue reading

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It’s a Farked Life! I believe it too…

I just found a blog that seems to be what I’ve been looking for… It’s a Farked Life! “And on the 8th day god said, “You’re ALL FARKED!” ha! I like that for some reason. God has stopped talking to … Continue reading

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God Almighty… What are you DOING?

I had a few instances lately where I was cursing god. Just outright cursing.  The first was when I saw a woman with a spine degenerative disease. She was only about 21 years old and she was grossly malformed and … Continue reading

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Why 98.6F? God puts us at Odds with our Environment from Day 1

I found myself thinking this morning at 5:30 am as I lay on the cushion I sleep on. You know that state when you’re somewhere between sleep and the mind realizing that in 5 minutes it must make the body … Continue reading

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Dog(s) Left on a Highway to Play in Traffic

The other night I was reminded of God’s glaring disconcern for anything alive on this screwy planet. As we drove back home from a beach about 11pm. I hit the breaks hard as I saw something crossing the road oblivious … Continue reading

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