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Dog Ripped to Shreds in Front of Wife and Baby

My wife just knocked on the door to my home office here and cracked the door. “Honey, a dog was just hit by a car out front… can you come and do something?” I got up and went down to … Continue reading

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Gravity – Part of God’s Great Plan

I haven’t heard any one but myself gripe about this. Gravity. It’s kicking our ass from the time we’re born – and it never lets up. Gravity is inescapable. It’s not just that we have gravity. In this current setup … Continue reading

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I’m Thankful and Spiteful this Thanksgiving

Thankful to something – whatever made this mess – there are a few good things in the mess in my life. Probably some in yours too. Probably everyone that stays living and doesn’t kill themselves thinks there is something ‘good’ … Continue reading

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God Almighty… What are you DOING?

I had a few instances lately where I was cursing god. Just outright cursing.  The first was when I saw a woman with a spine degenerative disease. She was only about 21 years old and she was grossly malformed and … Continue reading

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I’ve got a new plan for God’s word…

Laying in bed this morning and AGAIN waiting for something – anything from God. And nothing. Nothing at all. Not even a feeling about what is going on – how it feels about me. Nothing. Usually I can at least … Continue reading

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Why Doesn’t God Hear My Prayers?

A major theme not only in Christianity itself, but across religions is, “Why Doesn’t God Hear My Prayers?” Many times I hear this question from people asking me or from the news or at church groups or whatnot. It’s quite … Continue reading

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