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Why 98.6F? God puts us at Odds with our Environment from Day 1

I found myself thinking this morning at 5:30 am as I lay on the cushion I sleep on. You know that state when you’re somewhere between sleep and the mind realizing that in 5 minutes it must make the body … Continue reading

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God’s Daily Word to Mankind (starting today)

I get a bit stressed out by all this. Imagine waking up and feeling a bit agitated after just 3 hours of sleep because you were stressed out over the new commandments and then the voice of GOD comes to you like THUNDER and there … Continue reading

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God’s New Commandments from the “Man upstairs”…

“I hear you GOD…” This morning was cool – there was some light fog as I peered out the window at the rubber plantation… The sun was absent and it’s warmth wasn’t felt yet at this hour. It was the early part of … Continue reading

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